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Amy-Erin Blakely says that she was fired for being too sensual. Now the Florida resident has filed a lawsuit against her former employer The Devereux Foundation who fired her after she complained of sexual harassment.

According to Blakely, the comments about her breasts actually began in 2003, and by 2008 they got much worst. For instance, she was told that her breasts were distracting to others, and then another time Amy-Erin Blakely was told that she was too sensual to get a promotion. What on Earth? It is completely inappropriate if what Blakely says is actually true!

Of course Blakely may not have done herself any favors by hiring Gloria Allred – sure Ms. Allred is high-powered, but she doesn’t have the best reputation. The lawsuit claims that Blakely was sexually harassed by her managers for five years – what a terrible working environment that must have been. She managed 900 people at the nonprofit, but last year she was fired after complaining about sexual harassment (isn’t that illegal?). It was her second time to complain about the harassing comments.

As is the case with Gloria Allred it is tough to separate the facts from the sensational. However, if any of this is true, then it seems that Amy-Erin Blakely does have a case for being fired over being too sensual. No woman deserves to have those types of comments made to her while she is doing her job. It is unbelievable that there are workplaces that think this type of behavior is acceptable!

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