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Some men really do want to get married. I personally know a few. Some men don’t know it, but they do want to get married. And some men just really need to get married. Are you looking for the right guy? Here are some tips on how to get started.

1. Smile – Nothing initiates contact like a smile. Sometimes women get confused and try to attract men with something tight or revealing. You might attract a man but it’ll be the wrong kind of attention.

2. Get rid of excess baggage – If you have any extra baggage get rid of it now! There is no use in punishing a new man for something that another man did to you. Get over it!

3. Get outside of your comfort zone – Try doing different things, meeting different people and dating different guys. Try the quiet guy out, let the polite guy take you out or try lunch with a nerd. You never know what will happen.

4. Your man unfortunately is not in the club. Guys in the clubs are only looking for one thing. Yes, you might find a handful of good guys there. But there is way too much garbage to wade through. If you want to go out and meet someone try an upscale bar instead.

5. Get a fresh start– If you are kind of dating someone and it has been dragging on; it’s time to let him go and move on to the next thing.

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6. Find out what’s up – Once you do meet someone and you get to know each other; openly ask that person what they want.  Please don’t start the conversation with “Do you think that you will want to marry me in the future?”. But saying something like “how do you see your self when you are 30 (or 40)”?  is a good conversation starter.

7. Guide Your Relationship – I always say a man does whatever a woman lets him do. If he cheats, you let him cheat, if he forgets your birthday, you let him forget it. If he isn’t ready to define the relationship, get him ready. If things are going well and you are enjoying each other, he will be willing to do what it takes to keep it going. But in return, listen to his needs and cater to them.

8. Don’t Use Sex As A Tool – Some women hold out to try to keep a man, some women put out to reel him in. Men enjoy relationships that include passion. Rationing out sexual contact can be a huge turn off. Putting out before the relationship has been defined, quickly defines it as a booty call. I don’t care how good a catch you are, guys can really only read easy sex as one thing.

9. Take advice from married people – This is simple, don’t take advice from your friend who has numerous problematic relationships or your girl who is never in a relationship.

10. Be Open & Honest – Men hate when women have something to hide. Please don’t lie to cover up something you are embarrassed about. Be honest and end any awkward admissions with”That was my past, but this is me now”.

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