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woman shoppingIt’s that time of the year when shopping smart is the best thing to do in these economic times. With great sales all over for the winter and the upcoming holidays, wanting to purchase everything can make you go insane! From electronics to clothing, there are many to choose from with various price ranges. However, here are some tips on how to shop smart during the holidays.

1. During the holidays, creating a budget and knowing your spending limits are great ways to keep a clear sight on what you can or can not purchase.

2. Once you have made a budget for yourself, you can start your list and write down the items that you are looking to buy.

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3. If possible use cash, but we all know credit cards are designed to capture us and make us want to spend money! However, if you must use a credit card use one that offers rewards for your spending, like cash back or reward points.

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4. Check articles for any sales or coupons, like newspapers, magazines, or an online site. A great website for you to find offers, online codes and printable coupons is www.retailmenot.com. This website offers coupons for more than 100 retail stores.

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Mark your calendars for black friday, where stores open early and close late, so you can make the best of your day shopping.

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