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Hmmm? Good question. Do men drive women up a wall or do women drive themselves up the wall? Women are emotional creatures. They need assurance that what you say, men, is honest and true. Just be REAL! Some men would argue that women don’t like the truth, that they can’t handle it. More than half the women population would argue back by saying they would at least respect the fact that a man is honest about his intentions and what he wants. They can make the decision whether or not to be bothered. By a man not being honest and upfront about what he wants from a woman, at that point, he then makes the decision for her what she wants or what she will tolerate. It seems like everyone is out for themselves. “I’m gonna hurt you before you hurt me. I’m gonna leave before you leave me.” It’s crazy! So how do we solve this madness?

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Well, first we need to be honest with ourselves and what we want. Women are very good at not being honest with themselves about what they can handle or tolerate. Or they will say they aren’t looking for a relationship when deep down inside that’s exactly what they want.  In this case yes women, at that point, are the ring leaders in driving yourselves to snap. Men, you must be honest! Period. Men will shuffle around words and insinuate feelings and intentions knowing good and well what they are doing. Then they decide to be honest when it’s too late. Too late being months even years into a situation. In this case, yes men, you do drive women to an asylum because of your lack of communication, honesty and selflessness.

Women really need to start being patient with themselves and the men they choose to date. You can’t sit and wait on expectations that you’ve created in a conversation you pretty much had by yourself. You have to become better listeners and you really need to learn when to throw in the towel, even when you and the whole world knows that you are right. It is a sign of maturity when you can acknowledge your faults and give up the right, more than once in a while, to “be right.” So, this leads up back to the initial question. Do men drive women crazy?  Yes, they do, but only because we allow them to.


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