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Michigan’s weatherization assistance program is a federally funded, low income residential energy conservation program. The program provides free home energy conservation services to low income Michigan homeowners and renters. These services reduce energy use and lower utility bills, thus creating more self sufficient households. For more information and for full requirements click here or call 517-321-7500.




Winterize outdoor spigots

First, turn off the interior water supply to those spigots If you don’t have an interior water shut off, then you might want to consider having a plumber install one. Next, open up your outdoor spigots to release residual water. Finally, add water-proof cap to the exterior spigots, which will help to prevent freezing. While you’re at it, drain all of your garden hoses and put them away.

Clean out the gutters

Make sure to clean the gutters as well as the down-spout extensions. Make sure the extensions extend away from the foundation, and that water drains away from your home.

Add ice melting strips or cables to any awkward roof lines.

Anywhere roof lines meet, ice can build up and potentially damage the home as it freezes and thaws. Heat strips prevent this kind of damage.

Caulk outdoors and indoors to save energy

Make sure window and door trim and service penetrations (for air conditioning units, gas and cable lines, etc.) are caulked. In the attic, caulk any gaps in the ceiling fixtures that allow heat to escape. It prevents energy loss and also stymies hot spots on the roof. Those hot spots can melt ice and snow on the roof, leading to ice damning and subsequent damage. Any indoor switch on an outdoor (non-partition) wall also needs attention. Special outlet and switch weather stripping kits are sold at hardware stores.

Make sure the furnace works

It may sound obvious, but on the first day you need your furnace, you want to make sure it’s working soundly. Why not call a heating and cooling contractor to check it out? You might want to replace that furnace filter, too.

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