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Studies show that unemployment has reached a 25 year high, and with so many people unemployed or under-employed, we are asking should women start to pay for dates? If we look at dating traditionally, then it would be a form of courtship.  That means that single people are dating to eventually find the one to marry and that requires a partnership. Partnerships are what we are working on down the road by dating now, so we are all trying to put our best foot forward–right?

Men that do not have jobs can not afford to date and that is because society has an expectation that they will pay. However, women that do not have jobs can afford to date because it is not an expectation that we pay but now that the economy has gotten so ruff  we should start. He can not always bare all of the burden of paying for the dating/entertaining so here are the guideline for when you should make sure that you have your purse handy:

1)  3:1 ratio: After he has paid three times you pay once. And you pay for the whole date like he did, that goes for everything including the tip.

2) When you are visiting his home: This is old school but if your guy says that he will be cooking dinner at his house then you bring something. The dessert, a bottle of wine or the new Jay-Z CD, never show up empty handed–not a good look!

3) His birthday or promotion at his job: This may sound obvious, but if you ask him what he wants for his birthday, and he says dinner then you should pay for it. He is just a passenger, you are the driver it’s your gift.


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