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While talking to a male friend of mine, he made a statement: “Women like (their stuff) perfectly manicured and freshly washed but as a man, I will say that it has a natural smell that I want to smell.” I sad, what? He explained even more,  ”don’t get me wrong a sticky (stuff) is nasty, but (the stuff) has a smell that most men love; women need to stop shaving it and keep it natural.” My mind started to wonder, so then I did a bit of research:

Stacey Dash: “The Kitty Is Being Held Hostage”

72% of women feel self-conscious about their taste and odor according to alternet.org, while it seems that the majority of men love the natural smell. It seems that “the man” once again has woman fooled into thinking that the natural smell of the vagina is offensive to the opposite sex. In the 18th century vagina odor was considered seductive.

Rachel Sobel, an undergraduate at Harvard, now [July 1998] doing research at MUM about the tampon industry for her senior thesis, mentioned that menstrual odor was once considered seductive in the odor-rich 18thcentury. Ads embarrass Americans into being odor free by buying underarm odor killers, menstrual pads with baking soda, tampons with deodorants, etc

In other words, in the 21st century, we douche it to make it smell like a spring breeze and shave it bold to look like a child’s unmentionable. Now we are hearing that the regular scented, bush is all that a man needs-who knew?

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