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Filing taxes next year will be a little bit more work for those doing it the old-fashioned way. The IRS has decided to no longer send paper forms to taxpayer mailboxes. According to the government agency, because filing electronic forms has become so popular, it will no longer automatically mail a traditional form to your home.

More People Choosing to E-File

A spokesman from the IRS, Anthony Burke, explained to CNN on Tuesday that more people are choosing to electronically file their taxes so that their refunds can deposited into their bank accounts within 2-3 weeks, as opposed to waiting six or more weeks when taking the paper route. This has resulted in a significant drop in use of the old-fashioned format.

In fact, he said that as of last year, only 8 percent of the nation’s taxpayers received their documents in the mail. Between electronic filing and visiting professional tax preparers, very few fill out paper forms these days.

The IRS believes the decision to stop automatically mailing the paper forms won’t have a drastic effect on filing. In turn, it will save up to $10 million a year while reducing the number of forms that get thrown away.

What If I Want a Hard Copy of My Tax Forms?

If you prefer a hard copy of your tax return then you can still find them at your local library and post office. Also, you can walk into any IRS office to get the forms you need. Don’t forget you can contact the national IRS office at 1-800-829-3676 or visit http://www.irs.gov for download options. All forms may be obtained after Jan. 1, 2011.

If you file the traditional paperwork and feel you’ll miss the yearly reminder in your mailbox that it’s tax time, you won’t be completely forgotten. The IRS plans to mail a simple postcard with instructions on how to obtain the tax documents, rather than the full package, to those who were mailed forms last year.

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