Two Detroit police officers approached a man early Saturday morning only to ask him if he had heard two gunshots.

But they wound up arresting him after finding about $2 million in cocaine in an open duffel bag on the front seat of his car that reeked of burnt marijuana, said police spokesman John Roach.

Here is what police said happened:

The officers, who were part of the 8th Precinct’s Special Operation Unit, were patrolling in the area of Grandview and West 8 Mile at 1 a.m. when they heard two gunshots coming from near the Splash Bar & Grill at 24587 W. Eight Mile.

The officers pulled into the bar’s parking lot and shined a spotlight around as they investigated. They then saw a man get out of a silver 2004 Infiniti.

As the officers got out of their car to approach him, he began to walk toward them. The officers smelled marijuana. They walked to the car and on the front seat was a duffel bag filled with cocaine, with an estimated street value of $2 million.

“Having this quantity of cocaine off the streets is significant not just for the seizure, but for the shootings and other drug-related issues that likely will be prevented as a result,” Detroit Police Chief Warren Evans said.

The man, described as a 42-year-old Ypsilanti resident, is expected to be arraigned today or Monday. It was the second major drug bust in recent days. Earlier this week, Detroit police seized $662,000 in suspected drug money from a hotel in southwest Detroit.

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