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The eye in the sky at First Lady Bridal in Lathrup Village catches it all on tape — a real life “Bridezilla,” but she’s not on the rampage alone. Family members are allegedly called in to attack.

“Apparently, these people do not know… how to handle things in the United (States),” said Hekmat Putruss. “They thought they were somewhere in Fallujah or in the… Iraq mountains and so on.”

Putruss, the shop’s owner, said this all started last Tuesday after he refused to provide alterations for a bad mouthing bride who bought a dress and became a nightmare to work with. He told her to take her business elsewhere.

“She (started) threatening me. ‘You don’t know who I am. (I’ll) call my husband to come and kill you,’ and ‘We’ll teach everybody here a lesson,'” Putruss said.

Right after the threats were allegedly made, they locked down the store and called police, but one of the wives was still inside. When some men arrive, surveillance video shows her opening the door and them barreling in.

Inside the store packed with customers, three men enter and confront the owner. They start pushing each other and throw the owner’s son to the ground and begin to beat him. The video also shows one of the men grabbing the owner’s wife, spitting at her and slapping her across the face.

From another camera angle, the video shows a man grabbing the owner, shoving him 40 feet into the showcase and tackling him to the ground. The owner’s son, now shirtless, is hit and shoved in the same direction. It doesn’t end there. The fists continue to fly, and the men pick up formerly dressed mannequins and then use them as weapons.

They just attacked without notice and we are not prepared for that. This is a clothing store… and we don’t expect this kind of (thing) to happen,” said Putruss.

Police eventually intervene and arrest three suspects for assault.

Putruss and his family say they suffered several injuries from the attack and the damage from the melee is estimated at around $20,000.

“We’ve been in this business for the last 25 years. We’ve never (had) anything like that,” Putruss said.

Putruss, who takes pride in his customer service hopes it never happens again.

There are only three people charged in connection with that bridal shop melee and all three are on the brides’ side. One of those men claims everyone’s got it all wrong. He says they are the victims.

“Her son came and attacked us, waving his hand on us and everything, and we were pushed back, actually,” said Nameer Kastaw. “I had to restrain him.”

Kastaw was asked, “He’s fighting the whole time?” He responded, “He was fighting, yeah. He was fighting, and his father, he comes and he’s fighting us. Really, we got assaulted. We did not assault (anybody). We got assaulted, and that’s all I can say.”

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