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1ablog-artesthairx-largeL.A. Lakers Defensive Player Ron Artest dyed his hair before Sunday’s game against the Orlando Magic.

But here’s the kicker- It’s orange and yellow, with the word DEFENSE carved in purple, but in three different languages — Japanese, Hebrew and Hindi.

All across the blogosphere, Artest is being compared to Dennis Rodman, along with several tweets and posted articles titled “Rodman Wannabe.”  Geez! Where’s everyone’s team spirit?

Artest wouldn’t give up the details regarding what the big purple scribblings meant. Instead he told everyone to “Look it up.” Can you imagine? Hundreds of ticked sports reporters frantically tapping away on their Blackberrys?

I hope Artest plans to step up his game because everyone is watching. Lakers coach Phil Jackson said, “If he gives us what’s on his head, then we’ll be in great shape.”  No pressure.

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