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by LJ Knight From BitchieLife.com


1. They Never Have Anything Nice To Say

This is deeper than one of your friends not agreeing with you. Your friends may not agree with everything that you wear or do and that is fine. However be cognizant of someone who is overly critical of you. This may be one of those people who feel that by bringing you down they uplift themselves. It gives them an orgasm every time they tear someone into pieces. They can then reign on their invisible chair of superiority.

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2. They Mimic You

It is said that someone mimicking you is the highest form of flattery. In some situations that may be the case. However, when it comes to your friends it may mean that they are envious of you and this is how they display that emotion. It is okay to have a synergy where you two feed off each other and build each other up. However if this person is literally copying your behavior, style of dress, etc, then be cautious of how much you share with them. A perquisite of this behavior is that they may also be very quiet when they are around you. It is because they are observing you in order to jock your style later. Sure it might be cute at first, but when those displays of adoration transforms into full fledge jealousy, it won’t be displayed in such a mild way.

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3. They Are Dismissive Towards You

This person will dismiss you constantly in order to be with their significant other. It is okay to be in love and your partner should be of importance, but if it this person always chooses to chase after a man/woman over spending time with you then reevaluate your friendship. Or better yet, they are not even committed to anyone. Instead they are chasing after penis/vagina and choose to put you on the backburner while doing so. They are expressing your level of importance to them.

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