As a single mother myself I made it a decision not to allow my daughters to watch Disney Movies, or ones with the princess fairy tale story lines and happily ever afters. Yes I know it sounds like a crazed scorned woman, let me explain.

“I’m Married, But My Ex-Girlfriend Won’t Leave Me Alone!”

“We Were Going To Get Married, But He Left Me At The Altar!”

A lot of women have this ideal instilled into them as children that if they were a ‘good girl’ that prince charming would come and sweep them off of their feet for this fairy tale of a life. When I am sure we can all agree that this is far from the truth for the population of women. Even the women who do get married tend to be more unhappy than the women who didn’t.

Elin Nordegren: “Tiger’s Sex-Capades Blindsided Me.”

“My Ex Infected Me – I Want To Date But I’m Afraid Of Rejection!”

Of course as my girls got older this was literally impossible to with hold them from seeing any of these movies and realized that their realities of marriage and prince charming would ultimately rely on the way they were raised.

Check out this video of one man’s opinion on marriage. Which really is not just his opinion but many others share it as well but may not be as vocal. Granted all the curse words don’t help his case on marriage but I believe he has some great points.

What do you think?

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