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Tyson 5

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Yes, lawd! It’s hump day, and it’s time for “He Can Get It” Wednesday. And this week’s featured model is the FINE, FINE, FINE, 25-year old, Tyson Allen Strong.

Currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, Tyson was born in Culver City, California. He is the baby of four kids. He has two older brothers and an older sister. He moved to Las Vegas when he was around eight years old. “We weren’t having a very good time out there in California,” Tyson said. “Drugs were everywhere in the 80’s including right in our very own house. Eventually, my uncle got tired of us being around all of that and he grabbed all of us kids. After he showed up, we were on the road to Las Vegas and never went back. He was actually my biggest influence and hero growing up, and the reason why I joined the military. He was a former Marine. Shortly after that my mother came out to Las Vegas.”

Tyson graduated high school when he was 16-years old. He always knew he was going to join the military because of his uncle, but he had to wait until he was 17-years old. He enlisted in the Navy and went into the Military Intelligence Field. He also volunteered for other special programs. He ended up stationed in Norfolk VA, and spent a lot of time out of the country. “I loved the job, but I needed a change,” Tyson said.

It wasn’t until 2007 when Tyson got out of the Navy and moved back to Las Vegas that he started modeling. “A friend of mine told me about and once I joined the messages started rolling in,” he said. “I started doing some shoots, and club owners would contact me to come hang out at their clubs, and do other conventions.”

Tyson also said he loves photography. “I love the messages you can send, and emotions that you could evoke in a person without ever saying a word. I went out and got camera and read every book I could and spent hours upon hours working on Photoshop, watching videos, and tutorials. Some real good photographers would show me tricks of the trade and gave me advice. They would show me different techniques and let me in the studios to learn.”

“He Can Get It” Wednesday: Anthony

I asked Tyson what he looks for in a woman and he said intelligence and personality. “I have a hunger for knowledge. I have to learn something new every day, and I want someone that I can have an educated conversation with,” Tyson said.  He also shared that when he was in the 9th grade, Mrs. Walker, his history teacher said, “You all run around here looking for the hottest thing you can find even if they don’t have any personality or brains. You may be into that now, and think that’s all that matters, but give it about 10 years, and you’ll see no matter how good someone looks that is not enough to keep you around. If you can’t communicate with that person and their personality doesn’t fit with yours, or they do you wrong, it doesn’t matter how good they look you’re going to kick them to the curb, and if it’s you, you’re going to get the boot.”

“Of course you can’t tell a bunch of ninth graders that. We all thought she was talking nonsense back then. LOL! But, she was absolutely right. I don’t go out looking for girls. I was engaged to a girl in my unit, and before we deployed I found out that she was sleeping with a few other people in my unit that I was getting ready to go to war with. So, needless to say that didn’t work out. She didn’t get to deploy with us. I had a big job, a lot of responsibility, and the command didn’t want her out there compromising my judgment. That happened in the beginning of 2009. I have been on an extended vacation from relationship. LOL!”

When Tyson is not modeling his main thing now is photography. “I’ll still get in front of the camera from time to time, but I like being behind it,” he said. “Also, I’m still in the military and I’ll be doing the long haul. I can’t see myself not serving. I’m going to start recruiting in October. I’m a Staff Sergeant, a Squad Leader, and I have the best soldiers anyone could ask for. I’m in the 1864th Transportation Company. During the last deployment I served as a Convoy Commander. I was the youngest Convoy Commander in the Battalion at 24-years old. As a Convoy Commander once a mission came down I planned out the mission, got all my soldiers ready, and we hit the road. The freedom of the position is nice in a sense that I don’t have to ask anyone what to do or get permission. I get to make all the decisions. Everything that happens on the road, whether it is a flat tire or a roadside bomb, whatever we do I make the call. Like I said though, I have the best soldiers you could ask for. They are well trained. I don’t have to tell them how to react or stay calm they are professionals. They already know what to do, and they just do it. People would tell me I did a great a job, and I would tell them, no I didn’t, my soldiers did a great job.”

Tyson says he will be in Vegas for awhile. He just got orders to be a recruiter out there for the next three years. He just got back from deployment in April of this year.

In his downtime, Tyson spends a lot of time with his nephews and niece. “I love spending time with them,” he said. “Everyone that looks at me thinks I have wild weekends because I’m single in Las Vegas. Well, they are all wrong. My sister brings the kids over Friday afternoon and they spend the night with me Friday and Saturday and she picks them back up Sunday evening. I love having them over. The first time I took my nephew to school, he jumped out of the car and ran out to the playground. I jumped out right behind him leaving the car running like, ‘Where are you going?’ I wasn’t ready yet! LOL! My niece was worse. I had to go into the classroom with her and she said to me, “But uncle Tyson I’m a big girl. You don’t have to go in my classroom every time.” LOL! She’s 6 now and the most beautiful little girl you will ever see.”

Tyson says he is working on a couple of calendars and had a special message he wanted to share, “It’s going to be filled with all kinds of sexiness. So, if any of you beautiful ladies are interested feel free to contact me. Also, if anyone wants any information about the National Guard I guarantee you that I know an “honest” recruiter in your area.”

You can follow and meet Tyson on Facebook, HERE! Or you can email him:

Enjoy the photos of Tyson!

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