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What’s your bad habit? Twirling your hair? Cracking your knuckles? What about your bad financial habit? Maybe something that is less noticeable from the outside, but is just as hard to break as, say, biting your nails?


We all have bad financial habits. The purchases we make that make us cringe because we overpaid for something. The purchases that feel so unavoidable but that could end up saving you money if you could just find a way to stop them.

Recently, the Smart Cookies received an e-mail from a woman who visited our site and downloaded our new ebook, The Smart Cookies’ Quick Start Guide. She asked for our advice about those exact purchases.

She explained that she was overwhelmed by her numerous financial bad habits that were spiraling out of control, which is a feeling we had all experienced. Our advice? Pick a starting point. Think of your most expensive bad habit, the one that is costing you the most.



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