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The traditional American dream consists of a man, wife, kids, and a white picket fence.  However, times are changing and people are starting to question what is necessary for starting a family.  Women generally wait to start having kids until they are positive that they have found Mr. Right, but is that really what it takes?

Although social norms have evolved so much, when is it time to hold on to traditions? It’s becoming harder and harder to be a single mom, so maybe women really should wait until they have another source of support.

Then again, we are all about female independence.  If you want a family, why do you have to wait until you have found a man that is going to stay in your life? If you think you’re ready, then go for it. Right?

One thing to keep in mind is that starting a family isn’t something that is over in 2 years.  By making the decision to have kids and raise them on your own, you are making a decision that is going to affect at least the next 18 years of your life.

One famous actress speaks her mind about this issue, explaining why a man IS NOT necessary.

She says,

“Love is love and family is what is around you.”

Find out who said this at PopEater.


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