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dpsThe campaign known as “I’m In” is returning to Detroit Public Schools. The goal of the program is to raise enrollment to at least 83,777 to hit budget constraints. Once the student populous surpasses that number, Detroit Public Schools will be eligible to receive $7,550 more for every child enrolled.

“The whole campaign is about retaining students in the Detroit Public Schools,” Detroit Public School Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb said. “We’re asking kids: ‘Are you in?'”

The symbol of the campaign is a blue door. DPS has made 172 blue doors — one for each Detroit Public School. The doors are designed to symbolize the profound changes that students will discover behind every school door this year.

“When you walk through this blue door, great things are happening in the Detroit Public Schools,” Bobb said. “So for parents, we want them to know that we’re going to do everything in our power to give their kids a very great education once they walk through the door.”

The campaign also hopes to gain volunteer support for the schools.

The school year starts on Sept. 7, which is also the deadline for getting enrollment numbers up.

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